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Thermostats in Palmdale, California

Thermostats have evolved to offer many options for air conditioning, heating, and even indoor air quality control. As a trusted HVAC Contractor, Climate Heating & Cooling Inc. carries a full line of thermostats to cover any indoor comfort control requirement.
The ColorTouch touchscreen digital thermostat is installation-friendly with its output test screen that allows the contractor to test the system. Its graphical user interface shows what outputs turn on and which outputs should be on, so the contractor can ensure that all equipment is connected and working properly. The ColorTouch “My Thermostat” screens allow the contractor to look at the thermostat status, making it easier to troubleshoot equipment or wiring issues. In addition, programming and configuration may be done in advance using the provided ColorTouch Assistant software and an SD memory card.   
LX Programmable Thermostat
LX Programmable Thermostat
Key Features
  • Switchable: programmable or non-programmable. Choose seven-day, 5+2 day or one-day programming
  • Up to four heat and two cool stages with humidity control
  • Gas, electric or heat pump control
  • Bicolor LED Indicates a cooling or heating demand
  • Programmable extra output
  • Control to, or monitor a second temperature sensor
  • Accepts USB programmer, RF temperature sensors, Comfort Call™, and Add-A-Wireless thermostat accessories
VENSTAR® Slimline Platinum
VENSTAR® Slimline Platinum
Key Features
  • Seven-day programmable 3-Heat/2-Cool
  • Controls to, or monitors a second sensor
  • Three configurable outputs
  • High/low outdoor temps of the day
  • Programmable fan
  • Built-in humidity module
  • Dual-fuel capable
  • Programmable output
  • Reheat capable
  • Smart recovery
  • Dry-contact equipped
  • Drain pan alert ready
  • Energy watch
  • Energy-Star rated
Source 1 Non-Programmable Thermostat
Source 1 Non-Programmable Thermostat
Key Features
  • Nonprogrammable
  • One-stage heat, one-stage cool for use with gas/electric, heat pump, electric, and hydronic
  • Works with two AA batteries (included) or 24-volt system power
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Extremely simple to operate
  • Sleek styling and white color blends beautifully into any decor
  • Setpoints stored in non-volatile memory, and are never lost in power failure
  • Low battery indicator
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