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Palmdale Air Conditioning

Home cooling simply doesn't get better!
Palmdale Air Conditioning
In Palmdale, even at 7AM things are already heating up on a typical summer day! Without a reliable air conditioning system, home just wouldn't be home. But when you need service, who do you call for Palmdale air conditioning work done right? The answer is Climate Heating & Cooling!

The Details Matter

Home comfort is handled by many different products working together. With HVAC systems, many things can go wrong over the years, but the problems can share similar symptoms. It takes a professional Palmdale air conditioning company to properly diagnose a problem so that you're not spending more money than is actually needed on air conditioner repair work. Climate Heating & Cooling is such a company. We're experienced with the HVAC industry knowledge that sets us apart from the competition.

Air Conditioning Designed for You

Indoor comfort is not like other home appliance needs. You can't simply research equipment and go to the local hardware store to pick it up. An HVAC system must be designed around the specific needs of your home. Did you know an air conditioner sized too large will cycle on and off too much? This affects comfort, utility bills and equipment life. Climate Heating & Cooling offers free in-home estimates so we can inspect your home, listen to your comfort and efficiency goals, and then make rock solid recommendations. When you trust us for your Palmdale air conditioning installation needs, it's done the right way so your investment is protected.
"I can't say enough of this Air Conditioning contractor. It only took 1 call to take care of my air conditioning issues. My system had broken down on a hot day and the technician quickly came to my home, performed a detailed inspection, quickly found the problem, informed and showed me the problem, made the proper repairs (a leak in the condenser unit) and made a final test run of my system. My A/C system is now working great!!! All this was done in a timely manner which indicates to me that this contractor has the right knowledge, experience and professionalism where others fall short. I have also recommended Climate to others (neighbors, friends, co-workers) and they've come through every time. Will definitely keep recommending them." - Coach E.
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$25 OFF
Any Palmdale Air Conditioning Repair
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Palmdale Air Conditioning
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Palmdale York air conditioning equipment

The York® Affinity Air Conditioner

As we mentioned above, a home HVAC system must be designed around the specific needs of your home. In fact, this trumps the type of equipment used. The finest products installed wrong will have major problems. But here's the great fact: when you call Climate Heating & Cooling you get the best of both worlds. We design and install systems the right way, and we build on the foundation of exceptional equipment, like the York Affinity air conditioner. This unit offers the perfect price, efficiency and warranty combination that makes it a solid choice for your cooling needs. Call us today at 661-435-7576 for more information. We're a local HVAC contractor you can trust for quality home comfort.