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Palmdale AC Repair

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Palmdale AC Repair
Has it happened to you before? You pull into the driveway after a long day at work, and make a mad dash for the front door. "The cool air is gonna feel good!" you're thinking, while unlocking the door. But then it happens: the door swings open and you're smacked in the face with a wall of heat! What's going on? You quickly cross the living room to check the thermostat, but it's set correctly. The air from the vents is hot. Not a good day right? Who do you call for lightning fast Palmdale AC repair? The answer is none other than Climate Heating & Cooling.

Air Conditioner Repair in Palmdale Done Right

What's the most important part of AC repair in Palmdale? It's the initial troubleshooting. Trust us, you don't want to be a homeowner who forks over the cash for a new air conditioner, only to discover (after installation) that the problem was really the indoor coil. Ouch. That was an expensive mistake, but it happens. It happens a lot. It doesn't happen when you call Climate Heating & Cooling for your Palmdale AC repair needs. We're extremely accurate in problem diagnosis, and once we figure out the issue, the air conditioning repair work is done right.

Preventive Maintenance Matters

Imagine purchasing a new car, only to skip all of the scheduled maintenance visits. Would your new car quit running over night? No. In fact, it would probably drive for a good while. However, as the engine sludged up, fuel efficiency would drop. Then one hot Palmdale summer day, you'd find yourself on the side of the 14 with a pricey AC repair bill ahead. You probably know where we're going with this: preventive AC maintenance does a lot for your home comfort system, and your utility bills. We service any make and model of equipment.
"...My system had broken down on a hot day and the technician quickly came to my home, performed a detailed inspection, quickly found the problem, informed and showed me the problem, made the proper repairs (a leak in the condenser unit) and made a final test run of my system. My A/C system is now working great!!! I have also recommended Climate to others (neighbors, friends, co-workers) and they've come through every time. Will definitely keep recommending them." - Coach E.
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$25 OFF
Any Palmdale Air Conditioning Repair
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Palmdale AC Repair
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Year Round Comfort

If you understand the basic operations of an HVAC system, you know that the furnace is used year round for home comfort. That's because the fan motor in the furnace is responsible for circulating warm air from the home, through the chilled indoor coil (the coil is chilled by refrigerant pumped in from the air conditioner). For this reason, a furnace with a variable speed fan motor is ideal. Variable speed fan motors are whisper quiet, and also offer better comfort. If you've been turning up the TV when the heating and air kicks on, those days can be over forever! Call us today at 661-435-7576 for the right home comfort advice.